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Astrology, Climate & Controversy

Sat. Jan. 6 2018  12:15pm EST   
Repeats on Thursday, Jan. 11, 2018 at 8:00pm EST

An evidence-based look into the larger planetary cycles driving our climate, the timing and peak crisis points, and the conflicts in conscience and consciousness. 

Approx. 2.5 hours in length

2018 Schedule


Astrology, Climate & Controversy

Saturday Jan. 6, 2018 12:15pm EST Thursday Jan. 11, 2018  8:00pm EST

with Bruce Scofield, PhD, Robert Tulip, MA & Courtney Roberts, MA


The Organized Skeptical Conspiracy: 

Yes, they are definitely out to get us.  Forewarned is forearmed. 

Saturday, March 3, 2018 12:15pm EST

Thursday, March 8, 2018 8:00pm EST

with Courtney Roberts, MA


Gauquelin Day

Saturday, May 5th, 2018  12:15pm EST

Thursday, May 10, 2018 8:00pm EST

Practical Uses for the Gauquelin’s historic results

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 The  Video Recordings are now available for January’s Online Research Forum

 Astrology, Climate & Controversy

As astrologers, we are presumed to have special insight into the future, but what can we contribute to understanding this emerging climate chaos?  Or to the timing & nature of the solutions?

There’s no doubt that long-term orbital cycles of our Solar System drive Earth’s climate, but does that mean that man-made factors don’t?  Join us for this live, interactive online exploration; an evidence-based look into the larger planetary cycles, the timing and peak crisis points in the years to come, and the conflicts in conscience and consciousness.

Learn More About Robert Tulip, MA

Robert’s interest in climate change was enabled by his work for the Australian government overseas aid program in the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade over the last 30 years, including several years working on forests and climate. He is currently working on practical measures to prevent coral bleaching of the Great Barrier Reef as a first step toward a global solution to climate change.

Robert Tulip has a Master of Arts Honours degree from Macquarie University for a thesis on The Place of Ethics in Heidegger’s Ontology and a BA Honours degree from Macquarie University for a philosophy thesis on precession in Christian cosmology. He worked on international development for the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade from 1989 to 2017. He lives in Canberra and can be contacted at

Learn More About Bruce Scofield, PhD
Scofield holds an M.A. in History, a Ph.D. in Geoscience, has taught science at the University of Massachusetts and currently teaches courses for Kepler College. He began a lifelong study of astrology in 1967 and since the mid 1970’s has been an astrological consultant specializing in psychological analysis, relationships and electional astrology. He has authored seven books and numerous articles on astrology and has served on the education committee of NCGR since 1979 as both member and director, presently serving as president of PAA. He has Level 4 certification from NCGR-PAA, His website contains information on Mesoamerican astrology and other topics.
We’re proud of what we were able to accomplish in this forum.  

It’s never been more important to keep things evidence-based.  Bruce and Robert both did just that, performing a great service for astrologers & astrology, and for anyone who struggles with the complexities of the difficult choices ahead.

 With so much deliberate disinformation out there, often masking agendas that violate our rights as well as our best interests, please take the time to consider the perspectives presented here. 

Bruce Scofield, PhD:  The Astrology of Deep Time: designed to introduce and familiarize astrologers with all the cycles relevant to climate change (Milankovich (orbital), solar, cosmic ray variations, etc.). These orbital and solar variations are something every astrologer needs to know and use.

Robert Tulip, MA: Global warming must be countered by an integrated new vision. Robert examines the physical foundations in place at the solar system scale, revealing the basis for a new paradigm integrating astrology, science, religion & philosophy; one that enables a clear & coherent analysis of the climate problem & its solution. 

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March 3rd & 8th, 2018: The Organized Skeptical Conspiracy: Yes, they are well-organized and well-funded, and on a mission to make the evidence for astrological influence disappear. What every astrologer needs know about CSI and the Guerilla Skeptics and their deliberate disinformation campaign.

Also, we’ll be rolling out our online class research project for 2018!


May 5th & 10th, 2018: Gauquelin Day!  If you’re not using Gauquelin sectors, it’s time to re-think. The latest news, developments, and practical uses for the Gauquelins’ historic results. 


JJuly 2018: Research Updates: We’re halfway to the next Kepler Conference.  Let’s  keep compiling and compounding the evidence for planetary influence as we check in with some of the ongoing projects and catch up on the latest developments. 


 September 2018:  TBA


November 2018: TBA

David Cochrane

Cosmic Patterns Software

"I have been attending astrology conferences since 1972...

The Kepler Conference is the best one ever! 

I learned something new and of value in every lecture. I have never experienced this before. I also learned a lot during breaks, lunch meetings, etc. I have never attended so many brilliant presentations.

This is much more than just another conference. It’s a new movement in astrology. 

Astrology is at last entering the 21st century! "

Alex Trenoweth, MA

"Courtney Roberts was able to assemble a fine and diverse cast of researchers for this groundbreaking conference…

Most of us came away with the clear idea that we had set a very high bar for future astrology conferences.  We… also felt we had thrown down the gauntlet to the scientific community who continue to disregard astrology as medieval superstition. 

I think this was one of the best astrology conferences I've ever been to! 

I think we made history this weekend."

Will Morris, PhD

Thanks to Courtney Roberts!

"This conference was packed with useful information and ... the highest levels of dialogue I have experienced, including astrological conferences, innovations in medical education conferences at USC, Chinese medicine conferences and international conferences on qualitative inquiry.

This was a landmark moment. 

Anyone who thinks of astrology as pseudoscience is clearly not approaching the problem scientifically!"

Bill Meridian Sarubbi, MBA

Cycles Research & Investments

"There was more solid research results per hour and good information per square meter in this conference than in any conference I can recall."

Boaz Fyler

Evolutionary Astrologer, Israel

... truly a privilege! 

So glad I made the trip. ...this conference will have a profound influence on the way I see the future of Astrology,  and our part in aiding it on its way.

Glenn Perry, PhD

'The more credible a field, the more widely utilized it will be.  Enhancing the credibility of astrology benefits not only the larger community, but every person who aspires to be an astrologer.'