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Head Coaches Study – NFL

Replication with NBA

Planetary Influence on the Success of NFL & NBA Head Coaches – A Replication

Courtney's Description of the Project
I presented the initial findings at the 1st Kepler Conference a year ago, and Ed Snow published an ANS article on this shortly after. 
It’s a relatively simple project, but simple ideas can be the most powerful.  All I did was compare the planetary positions of all the NFL Head Coaches who have won a championship in the Super Bowl era with all the NFL Head Coaches who didn’t.
If astrological planetary influence is just a myth, there should be no significant differences between the two data sets, and there certainly shouldn’t be any complementary differences.
In other words, if the champions are strong in one direction, the non-champions should not be strong in the opposite direction, etc.  That was the Null Hypothesis, which has since been overridden by the alternate hypothesis because that is exactly what we found: Significant differences between the two data sets, in both the signs and the elements of the Tropical Zodiac that are also significantly complementary. 
These results opened my eyes to important insights about ‘who’ & ‘what’ makes a successful Chief Executive, and who/what doesn’t!  More importantly, it taught me distinct astrological differences between the kind of people everybody likes and wants to work with/for, and the kind of people who genuinely get the job done. This is valuable information that you won’t find in any astrology book anywhere.  It only emerges when we organize the data effectively.  
I completed the paper during 2017, and it’s due to be published in the upcoming issue of Correlation. (see abstract) 
One of my favorite parts of this paper is the literature review. 
In the future, if/when anyone claims that there’s no evidence for the influence of zodiac signs or the astrological elements, please point them to that literature review.  
When we make the effort to compile and compound the evidence, it’s pretty impressive.  Not only is there a lot of evidence out there, often in the most unlikely places, but when we pull it all together thematically, in one place, suddenly the lights go on! I can personally commit to doing a lot more of that in the years to come. 
So throughout 2017, we’ve undertaken the arduous task of creating the same two data sets for Head Coaches in the American National Basketball Association (NBA)  That’s the most time-consuming and difficult part of a project like this: collecting the data and making sure it’s right.  You can just go ahead and assume that the first edition will be full of mistakes, but you have to catch them upfront – not during the later stages of analysis!  There’s only a limited number of people who can do this kind of work, and ever fewer who are actually willing!  
Still, the payoff at the end of all that hard work makes it more than worthwhile.  While we would naturally expect to find some astrological differences between NBA and NFL Head Coaches; and we do, we also found many significant similarities; again in the signs and elements of the Tropical Zodiac.  When we combine the data: NFL/NBA Champions vs. NBA/NFL Non-Champs, that’s when things get really interesting!
So I will be presenting this project, including the literature review and the new results with the NBA data, as well as what I have learned from it all, on Day 4 of the Kepler Conference Online:  Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018, at 9:30am EST.  You can learn more, and register here. 
Plus, Rahul has done an inspired job in comparing the NFL Head Coaches’ natal planets in both the Western Tropical Zodiac versus the Indian Sidereal Lahiri Ayanamsha.  It’s really not an either-or proposition, folks!   We will be presenting those results, and the important insights they yield, in our special panel on Research as a Bridge between Vedic & Western Astrology on Day 3 of the Kepler Conference Online: Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018 at 11:00am EST.  
That’s our warm-up for our upcoming presentation in Calcutta, at the International Astrological Conference on Indian Vedic Culture and Western Astrology, where we will be exploring a series of studies on the same theme.
These kinds of analyses showcase some of the inherent consistencies of both systems, building an important bridge between Western & Vedic Astrology.  We’re more committed now than ever to using both zodiacs in our R&D.  It’s a tremendous boost to our accuracy, as iron sharpens iron.  
The Abstract
Abstract: We compared the planetary positions at birth of all the NFL Head Coaches of the Super Bowl era (1966 – present), using complete data sets to identify any differences between those who won championships (N=54) , and those who didn’t (N=168).  Our null hypothesis was simple: if the planetary positions at birth do not influence the native’s personality, character & destiny, then we should not see any significant or complementary differences, and no particular patterns should emerge. The resulting P-values demonstrate that the alternative hypothesis is much more plausible than the null hypothesis. We then used correlation coefficients to determine the degree to which the variables’ movements are associated, further quantifying the strength of the evidence against the null hypothesis in favor of the alternative. The significant and complementary differences between the data sets, in both the signs and elements of the Tropical Zodiac, are consistent with astrological theory and cannot be attributed to other factors like seasonal birth rates or the relative age effect.