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Canaveral Research Center

 Exploring the Evolutionary Interface Between Planetary & Living Systems

And the Effects on Human Timing, Performance & Behavior

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David Cochrane

Cosmic Patterns Software


“I have been attending astrology conferences since 1972…
The Kepler Conference is the best one ever! 
I learned something new and of value in every lecture. I have never experienced this before. I also learned a lot during breaks, lunch meetings, etc. I have never attended so many brilliant presentations.
This is much more than just another conference. It’s a new movement in astrology. 

Astrology is at last entering the 21st century! “

Alex Trenoweth, MA

“Courtney Roberts was able to assemble a fine and diverse cast of researchers for this groundbreaking conference…

Most of us came away with the clear idea that we had set a very high bar for future astrology conferences.  We… also felt we had thrown down the gauntlet to the scientific community who continue to disregard astrology as medieval superstition.

I think this was one of the best astrology conferences I’ve ever been to!

I think we made history this weekend.”

Will Morris, PhD

Thanks to Courtney Roberts!
“This conference was packed with useful information and … the highest levels of dialogue I have experienced, including astrological conferences, innovations in medical education conferences at USC, Chinese medicine conferences and international conferences on qualitative inquiry.
This was a landmark moment. 
Anyone who thinks of astrology as pseudoscience is clearly not approaching the problem scientifically!”

Bill Meridian Sarubbi, MBA

Cycles Research & Investments

“There was more solid research results per hour and good information per square meter in this conference than in any conference I can recall.”

Boaz Fyler

Evolutionary Astrologer, Israel

… truly a privilege! 

So glad I made the trip. …this conference will have a profound influence on the way I see the future of Astrology,  and our part in aiding it on its way.

Glenn Perry, PhD

‘The more credible a field, the more widely utilized it will be.  Enhancing the credibility of astrology benefits not only the larger community, but every person who aspires to be an astrologer.’