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Join Passionate Researchers and Thought Leaders from Around the World in Building the Future of Astrology with Evidence-Based Research Results.

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Day 1

Thursday, Jan. 25, 2018

9:15am – 9:00pm EST

Introduction to Astrological Research:  Day 1 is all about the basics; helping you to better enjoy, understand, participate in and contribute to the Kepler Conference, with speakers who talk to you, not over your head.  

In the evening, celebrate Astrology’s only full time research center at the Canaveral Research Open House! Meet the gang, tour our latest research projects like the new Kepler C3. There will be prizes!

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Day 2

Friday, Jan. 26, 2018

9:30am – 9:30pm EST 

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?  Earthquakes, Violence, Plane Crashes, Mass Shootings & Communication Breakdowns! How can astrology help to predict, prevent or protect? The answers lie in the research.  

In the evening, The Research Software Showcase features an all-star cast of top developers to demonstrate the astonishing capabilities of the latest developments in astro-tech. See what it can do for you.   

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Day 3

Saturday, Jan. 27, 2018

9:30am  – 9:00pm EST

East meets West/The Vedic Orientation:  Join wtih Indian astrologers worldwide in exploring research as the bridge between. Then we’ll cover research in medical astrology, harmonics & software that matches charts to people. 

In the evening, experience the power of Harmonics & Midpoints indepth and in your own chart in the Vibrational Astrology Workshop.  Research-driven, evidence-based astrology with Linda Berry. 

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Day 4

Sunday, Jan. 28, 2018

9:30am – 9:00pm EST

Building the Body of Evidence: we double-down & follow-up on ongoing projects, like planetary influence on success, research on recovery & planetary effects on temperature, plus join the Correlation Celebration, the astro-research journal.   

In the evening, The Kepler Conference finishes with a big bang, in a group discussion on The Big Picture; Time, Space and Astrological Chronologies; New Age, Climate Crisis, or…?

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David Cochrane

Cosmic Patterns Software

“I have been attending astrology conferences since 1972…
The Kepler Conference is the best one ever! 
I learned something new and of value in every lecture. I have never experienced this before. I also learned a lot during breaks, lunch meetings, etc. I have never attended so many brilliant presentations.
This is much more than just another conference. It’s a new movement in astrology. 

Astrology is at last entering the 21st century! “

Alex Trenoweth, MA

“Courtney Roberts was able to assemble a fine and diverse cast of researchers for this groundbreaking conference…

Most of us came away with the clear idea that we had set a very high bar for future astrology conferences.  We… also felt we had thrown down the gauntlet to the scientific community who continue to disregard astrology as medieval superstition.

I think this was one of the best astrology conferences I’ve ever been to!

I think we made history this weekend.”

Will Morris, PhD

Thanks to Courtney Roberts!
“This conference was packed with useful information and … the highest levels of dialogue I have experienced, including astrological conferences, innovations in medical education conferences at USC, Chinese medicine conferences and international conferences on qualitative inquiry.
This was a landmark moment. 
Anyone who thinks of astrology as pseudoscience is clearly not approaching the problem scientifically!”

Bill Meridian Sarubbi, MBA

Cycles Research & Investments

“There was more solid research results per hour and good information per square meter in this conference than in any conference I can recall.”

Boaz Fyler

Evolutionary Astrologer, Israel

… truly a privilege! 

So glad I made the trip. …this conference will have a profound influence on the way I see the future of Astrology,  and our part in aiding it on its way.

Glenn Perry, PhD

‘The more credible a field, the more widely utilized it will be.  Enhancing the credibility of astrology benefits not only the larger community, but every person who aspires to be an astrologer.’